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Clogged Drain Service in Collin and Denton counties

As any home or business owner will attest, a clogged drain can make your bathroom or kitchen useless until it’s cleared. Call John Hulse Plumbing for fast, reliable clogged drain service in Collin and Denton counties.

When a drain becomes clogged the signs may be immediate, especially when the stoppage is in a sink or bathtub, when the water simply doesn’t drain quickly. Other times, however, the build-up in the drain can slowly continue to accumulate until water can no longer even enter the plumbing system. That’s when it backs up into the home or business, causing damage to flooring, walls, furniture, and appliances.

Expert Plumbing Contractor

John Hulse Plumbing has pinpointed the top five culprits when it comes to clogging Collin County drains.

1. Grease – Many people think pouring grease down the drain is acceptable, especially if they follow it with hot water.  True, the grease will go into your pipes as liquid, but when it cools it congeals and can create blockage.

2. Paper – Paper towels, cigarettes and feminine hygiene products are not intended to be flushed. In fact, paper products other than toilet tissue do not break down inside your system.

3. Food –Even with a garbage disposal, there are foods that should not go down the drain. Foods like rice and pasta actually expand with the water in the pipes potentially causing drainage problems. On the side of the kitchen sink without a disposal, John Hulse Plumbing says it is especially important to avoid washing leftovers down drains because they do not break down over time.

4. Hair – Hair clogs can rest in pipes, building up over time, so having a filter or strainer to catch stray hairs before they enter the drain system is important.

5. Bath salts – While extremely popular, many of these products simply don’t  dissolve. Over time they can actually collect in your drain causing problems.

No matter what causes your clogged drains,  John Hulse Plumbing can clear them.  One call to (214) 542-1276 will get us on the case for Collin and Denton counties clogged drain service.