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Disposal Repair in Collin and Denton counties

John Hulse Plumbing specializes in helping homeowners in Collin and Denton counties take care of their plumbing systems. That includes disposal repair and replacement in Collin and Denton counties.

Though it’s considered a modern convenience, credit for inventing the garbage disposal is given to a Wisconsin architect named John W.Hames. He was issued a patent for the device in 1935 and the first disposals were marketed in 1940.

Today most Collin and Denton counties homes are equipped with a current generation of Hames’ invention, a boon to any 21st-Century home. A disposal unit, generally electrically powered and installed under the kitchen sink between the drain and the trap, pulverizes leftovers into tiny pieces that allows them to slip through the drain.

Expert Disposal Installation

Plumbers report one common garbage disposal issue is a clogged or jammed unit. A homeowner gets a hint there’s a problem if the unit drains slowly, allowing dirty water to flow back into the sink. Usually something that can’t be shredded by the disposal’s blades – a bone or a piece of silverware – has slipped into the drain and caused the clog.

To safely and effectively clear the stoppage and check for any damage to your disposal or plumbing system, call John Hulse Plumbing. Their licensed, well-trained plumbers will find and solve the problem then make sure you’re ready to use your disposal again quickly, or, if needed install a new one.

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