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Collin and Denton counties Tub Replacement

There’s nothing as relaxing after a hard day at work in the Collin and Denton counties area as a soak in asoothing tub to wash away the day’s problems. Though those of us here may really enjoy our tub, historians point to civilizations older than ours as coming up with the idea. Whatever the origin, John Hulse is the plumbing contractor to call for tub replacement and service in Collin and Denton counties.

Copper water pipes were discovered under the palace of the Indus Valley Civilization that point to bathtub users as early as 3300 BC. Then, there was what is considered to be one of the first personal sized tubs, a 5-foot-long vessel made of hardened pottery found on the island of Crete. And, of course, there’s the ever-popular clawfoot tub, which enjoyed immense popularity in the late 19th Century. Then, as now, the tub was more than just a place to get clean.

Expert Plumbing Contractor

The experts at John Hulse Plumbing point to five basic modern tub designs beginning with the most common three. First, the wall alcove tub, generally placed between an outer wall and a built-in of some sort, usually with a wall-mounted shower. There is also the drop-in tub, the tub shell only that’s fitted inside a frame that’s finished to match cabinets or tile. In addition, tub buyers can select under-mount tubs for floor-level installation; the corner tub, a hybrid of the alcove and drop-in style, generally large and square; and freestanding tubs.

John Hulse Plumbing installs the latest in bath designs in Collin and Denton counties‘s finest homes including tubs by Jacuzzi and Kohler with faucets by Kohler, Delta and Moen. Call (214) 542-1276 to make an appointment for Collin and Denton counties tub installation.