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Collin and Denton counties Water Heater Replacement

Like most appliances in your home, advances in technology have made home water heaters increasingly more energy efficient in recent years. For example, just 10 years ago as much as one out of four of our home energy dollars generally went to heating water. Today the Department of Energy reports water heating accounts for just about 18 percent of your utility bill.

With that in mind, it’s important to your household budget to maintain and keep track of your water heater’s energy consumption as it ages. John Hulse Plumbing reminds their customers in Collin and Denton counties that water heaters can be expected to last 10 to 15 years. But, if yours is seven years old or more, replacing it with a more energy- efficient model could still save you money in the long run. Call us today for water heater repair and replacement in Collin and Denton counties.

Professional Repair

Licensed professional plumbers from John Hulse Plumbing expertly install conventional storage tank heaters operating on electricity or gas or technologically advanced tankless water heaters. Manufacturers of the new tankless models tout an unending supply of hot water, as well as space savings as reasons to switch. In addition, energy efficiency and fuel cost savings along with a long service life are characteristics of tankless systems. Traditional tank heaters are less expensive to install and, for a couple or a small family, are relatively cost efficient.

Whichever your choice, , call John Hulse Plumbing for water heater replacement and repair in Collin and Denton counties.